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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Top 10 Tips for Revision!

Exam season is right round the corner and people (including me) are really starting to feel the pressure. If your like me, you would grasp hold of any chance to make revision any less painful, drawn out and lets face it - boring. I have some tips that might brighten up your revision and make it a bit easier to deal with, even if it's just a little bit.

1. Dedicate time
After a long, hard 6 hour day of school, I know the last thing you'll want to be doing is more work. So what I suggest is having about an hour a night doing what YOU want to do whether that is watching your favourite programme, going out with friends or even going to the gym. That way you are balancing out your revision with your free time activities because let's face it; if you revise for 5 hours straight per night, nothing will stay in your brain. I would also advise making a revision timetable (this has saved my life!) because I know what subject I'm doing every night, when I can take breaks and finish revising for the day to have a little relax. 

2) Taking breaks
Revising in small doses really works - like I said before, if you're studying for 5 hours straight without taking any breaks then you're not being productive. I would suggest working for about 30-40 minutes then take a 10 minute break, this way your giving your brain time to process the information making it's more likely to stay in your brain. My teachers have been telling me to do this for ages and I've only started taking regular breaks recently but it works!

3) Change it up!
When I revise the same subject all night, I get very bored and my attention just goes onto everything other than my work. If you put on your revision timetable to do 2 hours of Geography (with breaks of course) then change to Science, do that! Stick to your timetable, change subject when you need to and when you notice your focus going on other things. It will make your revision a whole lot easier, believe me!

4) Guides

Buying all the relevant revision guides will make your life 10x easier, they contain all the information you need in one place. They are usually given away for free from your school or if not, are very cheap!

5) Revision tools
Revision cards, posters and mindmaps are an amazing way of making sure all of your revision is in one place and all together. I would advise making or buying colourful revision cards to be able to colour code your subjects and make it all understandable. Also, with revision cue cards, your condensing your work onto a smaller piece of paper which means you only have all the relevant information for your exams.

6) Colours!
I don't know about you, but if my work is written in pretty and vibrant pens it makes me remember it more and actually makes me want to revise! I mean, revision is boring if your just using the same black pen on white paper all the time. Also make sure you try to include diagrams and pictures to liven up your revision and make it more memorable.

7) Memorable places
I would strongly recommend putting all of your revision cards with your colourful handwriting on places that you go a lot, For example, I have them dotted around my room, on the fridge, by my mirror and on my wardrobe. This means you'll be looking at them and reading them whilst going about your daily life and it will (hopefully) make you remember it more.

8) Past papers
Past papers are (I think) the best way to do active revision because your doing exam practice questions of what could potentially come up in your real exam. I'd suggest trying to get the newest exam papers and mark schemes as they are most up to date and are going to be similar to the questions in the real thing.

It is best to start revision early and please don't put it off. Don't be that person that had a quick glance at their notes before the exam and on results day, come out with a load of U's because you'll just think to yourself: 'I wish I'd revised'.

10) Don't stress
Just remember, everyone's in the same boat and you should feel pressure but not feel stressed. If you're feeling like this, speak to somebody like a teacher or a parent. They might be able to organise for you to have extra help and revision sessions.

I really hope this helped and I wish you all the best of luck in any upcoming exams!
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